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Oh, sweet oblivion.

Feels alright.

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Birthdate:Aug 29, 1988
20-something humanoid who was born in the eastern U.S. but has since escaped to The Forest Moon of Endor Washington State. (Where it is very green and not quite so hot/cold/crazy.) I'd probably come off as laughably earnest if I wasn't so damn deadpan all the time. Easy to amuse, difficult to distract. "Unreasonable and burnt-out on dealing with mortals." I'm not very good with numbers, people, or religion, but I am good with animals, vegetables, and minerals, so I guess I don't completely fail at being an Earthling. :P

I live in a little duplex full of framed puzzles, tangled game console cords, and dusty old anatomical textbooks. There's a dude and some pets who live here with me. (I talk about them here sometimes.) I like reading, writing, pondering, drinking the strongest coffee I can manage to brew, crafty stuff, trying different kinds of beer, riding bikes, accumulating ear piercings, creeping around in the middle of the night, and making fun of chemtrail people. I mostly use this journal as a platform for rambling about things that don't exist outside my head, music that no one cares about anymore, the dumb stuff I do all day, and assorted esoteric bullshit that is interesting to me and me only. I'm kind of a lightning rod for weird shit, yet I somehow manage to remain the dullest person on the whole damn planet. You have been warned.

(P.S. I know I'm standoffish/quiet/blunt/a shit-stirring malcontent, but I'm actually pretty chill and really interested in different thoughts and stuff, so you can totally talk to me! Really!)

My mission in life is to make everybody as uneasy as possible. I think we should all be as uneasy as possible, because that’s what the world is like.
-Edward Gorey

I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different.
-Kurt Vonnegut

Interests (150):

absurdism, adventure time, alex grey, alice in chains, aliens, american psycho, anatomy and physiology, androids, animation, arcades, art nouveau, arts and crafts, atlantis: the lost empire, b. kliban, baccano!, bioluminescence, blood and guts, boa, breaking bad, camping, caverns, cemeteries, centaur, cephalopods, chemistry, coast to coast am, cooling towers, cosmology, creepypasta, crop circles, cubic crystals, david cronenberg, david sedaris, dead 90s musicians, dexter, diy, dogfish head, earl grey tea, early 90s space art, elder scrolls, evolutionary biology, firefly, fizzy water, flea markets, flowers, forests, fossils, fractals, fucked-up shit, fullmetal alchemist, gallows humor, gardening, geology, good ol' star wars, green buildings, grunge, hakaba kitaro, haruki murakami, hazel, hexic, hiking, hitchhiker's guide, house of leaves, hum, jigsaw puzzles, kino's journey, kurt vonnegut, labcoats, lava rocks, learning, legend of zelda, libraries, long car rides, lucid dreaming, m*a*s*h, m.c. escher, machinery, macrame, makoto shinkai, manic panic, matt talbott, mission hill, monty python, mushi-shi, mythology, neuroscience, nikola tesla, nirvana, not politics, old junk, optical illusions, osamu tezuka, outlaw star, pacing, penn & teller: bullshit, petting stray cats, planetary science, plastination, playgrounds at night, pond, post-rock, prisms, puns, quentin tarantino, re-animator, recreational vagrancy, retrofuturism, roswell, rune factory, science miscreants, scp foundation, scrabble, screaming trees, shel silverstein, sitting and thinking, skepticism, slice-of-life science fiction, small shiny objects, solitude, sorting things, soul eater, space exploration, splatstick, star trek, steampunk, street art, sunshowers, surgery, surrealism, sushi, swing sets, synesthesia, the paper chase, the twilight zone, thrifting, tinhats, titan a.e., tom lehrer, trigger warnings are for lamers, trigun, trying to write, tsutomu nihei, uglydolls, valve, vending machines, weird diseases, wind turbines, yoshitoshi abe, zdzislaw beksinski, zombies
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